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Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title. Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More. Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter.By Gustavo. Good morning friends!!! I should not have expressed myself well, I need to get the path of the source file the file path of the end user's machine Taking advantage of the opportunity, if I need to write the file on the server as permanent file not as temporary file in the cache folder Okay clarified my doubt!!!

But would you have some way to rename or delete this file from the client machine??? And if I want to save this file from the fileupload to another folder other than temporary file, would it have to do???

unigui full

To the know that this file has already been processed!!! I think you have to check on server side if the file was uploaded before is already in the upload folder. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. General Search In. How to get the full file path??? Recommended Posts. Posted April 7, I need to get the path of a file so I can read it on the system How to get the full file path through fileupload???

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. You get no path info on a file upload in browser. Posted April 9, Posted April 13, I need to get the path of the source file the file path of the end user's machine Posted April 14, You use an uniFileUpload and want to get the path of the file on client machine?

Then see 2. You get no access to client files. What if any website could delete your files? Why do you need that? Maybe there is another way. Or you must develop and install a client software. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now.After running the project, like any standard VCL forms project a regular Delphi form will appear inside your Windows desktop. Now it is time to test this demo on the Web.

In some recent Windows versions Vista and Win 7 localhost may be directed by dns resolver to an IPv6 address which currently is not supported by uniGUI. You should be able to see application main Form inside your browser window which indicates you could successfully run the demo. You can load another demo and repeat above steps.

You must be sure that Delphi is not running while installation is in progress. Current version of installer will not warn you about this. Home General Download. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Read more Wednesday, 09 September Running Demos.

unigui full

Wednesday, 09 September Installation Instructions. Trial Edition Installation Instructions. You must statically link all libs and create a single EXE. Simply unselect Build with runtime packages option. RES file. As a result project has no default Icon. This issue will be fixed in next releases. Lastest Blog Posts.

Voyager is here! Actually, it has been here for a while! It contains many bug … Read More Trial edition is upgraded to version 0. This update will fix an issue which prevented trial editions … Read More Version 0.

FMSoft uniGUI Pro Complete Suite

It adopts a modern responsive design which makes it compatible will all desktop and … Read More 1 2 3 4 5. After re-compiling an application with this new version, "ext" folder must be re-deployed to PCs running new version of your application or you can simply re-install the newly introduced Ext JS runtime package which can be downloaded from Downloads page. Currently building with Run Time Packages doesn't work properly.If you don't plan to deploy your app using the uniGUI Runtime Package because you want to deploy the runtime files yourself, then the path settings must be adjusted accordingly.

There are some essential paths for a uniGUI application which must be adjusted before you can run it on the server. If you assign a relative path it will be relative to ServerRoot and you can use the ". The easiest method is to set the ExtRoot to ". However, for security reasons, it is better to put the " ext-x.

Under IISyou must be sure that your application has enough credentials for a read-only access to the " ext-x. In all cases, ext-x. The string uni-x. If your uniGUI version is 0. If you deploy custom uniGUI themes to your server, you can also set a custom folder for theme files. You can use the UniPackagesRoot property for this. You can change this location by assigning a different value to the UniPackagesRoot property. Make sure that the " themes " folder from the default installation is completely copied to the target folder:.

ServerRoot defines the root path for all relative paths. A blank value points to the application startup folder. A uniGUI server needs a folder to create temporary files. Normally, it is a folder named Cache created under the same folder your module exists. You can change this default location by assigning a different path to the CacheFolder parameter. Under IISyou must be sure that your application has enough credentials for a full access to CacheFolder.By irigsoftDecember 5, in General. On this scenario I can't execute javascript function Fullscreen.

Delphi Developer 's. JSCode Data. AddJS but no change still not going to FullScreen. That said, we do our best to help our customers in such cases.

Since you are trying uniGUI since version 0. PS: you can attach a test case for us to see what exactly is the problem. After that I install version I try some functions like, play sound, start video, go to Full screen, url redirectalways with AddJs and data readed from text files.

Everiting work fine on my first installed version on unigui, after upgrade for first time I lost all working functions. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. General Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.


Recommended Posts. Posted December 5, Learn Development at Frontend Masters. One of the most powerful and convenient CSS Grid features is that, in addition to explicit column sizing, we have the option to repeat-to-fill columns in a Grid, and then auto-place items in them. More specifically, our ability to specify how many columns we want in the grid and then letting the browser handle the responsiveness of those columns for us, showing fewer columns on smaller viewport sizes, and more columns as the screen estate allows for more, without needing to write a single media query to dictate this responsive behavior.

This magical, media-query-less responsiveness is achieved using the repeat function and the auto placement keywords. To summarize, the repeat function allows you to repeat columns as many times as needed. The 1fr is what tells the browser to distribute the space between the columns so that each column equally gets one fraction of that space.

And the grid will, in this example, always have 12 columns regardless of how wide it is. This, as you have probably guessed, is not good enough, as the content will be too squished on smaller viewports. We can do that using the minmax function. But the way CSS Grid works, this will cause overflow in the row. These keywords tell the browser to handle the column sizing and element wrapping for us, so that the elements will wrap into rows when the width is not large enough to fit them in without any overflow.

At first glace of the names, it might seem like auto-fill and auto-fit are opposites. But in fact, the difference between is quite subtle. Maybe it seems like you are getting extra space at the end of the column with auto-fit. But when and how? In a recent CSS workshop, I summarized the difference between auto-fill and auto-fit as follows:. The newly added columns can and may be empty, but they will still occupy a designated space in the row.

This may sound confusing at first, but it makes a lot more sense when you visualize this behavior. The columns are defined using the repeat function and have a minimum width of px, and a maximum set to 1frso that they would expand and equally share any extra space when it is available.

The browser will place and size the columns in the first example using the auto-fill keyword, and it will use auto-fit for the second. Up to a certain point, both auto-fill and auto-fit show identical results. It just so happens that they will give the same result up to a certain viewport width.

unigui full

The point at which these two keywords start exhibiting different behaviors depends on the number and size of columns defined in grid-template-columnsso it will differ from one example to another.

The difference between these two keywords is made apparent when the viewport gets wide enough to fit one or more extra column s that into the row. At that point, the browser is presented with two ways to handle the situation, and how it handles it largely depends on whether or not there is content to be placed into that extra column.

To collapse or not to collapse, that is the question. And that is also the answer. Whether you want it to collapse or not depends on your content, and how you want that content to behave in the context of a responsive design. To visualize the difference between auto-fill and auto-fittake a look at the following screen recording.

Remember that these two rows are identical, and have the exact same of content and column number. Notice what is happening there? Add as many columns as you can. If you have enough space to add a column, add it. While auto-fill fills the row with as many columns as it can, even if those columns are empty, auto-fit behaves a little differently.Before I start, I want to make a full disclosure. My business depends on Ext JS, so its success is very important to me. I am a passionate developer and part of the global Delphi community.

It uses Sencha Ext JS components to create sophisticated modern web applications. I can tell you that no migration is easy, especially when you try to move across multiple versions.

You always face code breaking changes that you sometimes like and sometimes not so much I am a developer. We started with Ext JS 3. In our history we considered both Angular and React, and I tell you that uniGUI would not be around if we had made some these choices. It was in July when the first beta version of uniGUI was made public.

In those early days, uniGUI capabilities were very limited compared to what it offers today. It was never updated to Ext JS 4. We tried to delay this task, but after a while, we realized that we need to move to Ext JS 4. Therefore moving to Ext JS 4. Ext JS 4. In Ext JS 4. For example, Ext JS 3.

Another major improvement in Ext JS 4. In Ext JS 3.


From what I recall, our migration from Ext JS 3. For us, as Delphi developers, backward compatibility is crucial.

The amount of breaking changes introduced in each new Delphi version is always little to none. Even if it happens, it only happens when a significant architectural change or enhancement is introduced. Otherwise, breaking changes in Delphi are quite rare. Comparatively, in the Javascript world, breaking changes are a regular part of the migration process.

You should be ready to expect significant breaking changes when moving between major releases. Even minor version changes can also bring breaking changes. Ext JS early on followed suite and made a lot of these changes.

I like the trend of fewer breaking changes in the future. Sencha Touch was a new set of components from Sencha which was specifically designed for mobile devices. Meanwhile, Sencha was moving to Ext JS 5. Aside from many other new features, Ext JS 5. This goal is now gradually implemented in Ext JS 6. Since we were aware of the changes in Ext JS 5. Unfortunately, time was passing by and Sencha was too fast in publishing new versions.

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